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Custom Bucker – Alnico 3 PAF Humbucker pickup

Custom Bucker – Alnico 3 PAF Humbucker pickup


Our Custom Bucker is a replica of the pickup of the same name, fitted to Gibson’s Custom Shop models. Equipped with an Alnico 3 magnet and a muscular coil for a PAF, it has a strong vintage character and an excellent dynamic. This is an ideal pickup for Jazz, Memphis Blues, British Blues, Hard Blues, Classic Rock, Southern Rock and Hard Rock. Configurable according to your wishes


1. Configuration

2. Baseplate

Fits most guitars
For Gibson & Epiphone guitars, Les Paul, ES-335, SG...
For modern guitars, fastened directly into the wood

3. Finish

! Peut nécessiter un contour spécifique !


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This Custom bucker Alnico 3 pickup set replicates the Gibson Custom Bucker pickup. These pickups are installed on the historic replicas made by the Gibson custom shop. Far from being a mere copy, this is an improved, hand-wound version with more dynamics and resonance than the original. The Alnico 3, combined with a more muscular winding for a PAF, will provide just the right amount of medium to give a real vintage character to your sound without losing definition. The winding here is slightly denser than on a traditional PAF to compensate for the low power of the Alnico 3 magnet. This Custom Bucker delivers a thicker and slightly more powerful sound than the “Delta Roots”. The result is still as harsh, with good definition, excellent sustain and a strong character. This set is perfect for Jazz, Memphis Blues, British Blues, Hard Blues, Classic Rock, Southern Rock and Hard Rock.

One pickup, two output options

Gibson put two different set on its guitar. There is a standard version where both neck and bridge are wound the same, around 8 kohms. There is also an overwound bridge version, to get a more balanced set in our opinion, where the bridge is at 8.5 kohms and the neck remains at ~8 kohms.

Custom Bucker – Neck – Clean sound
Custom Bucker – light drive – Neck – both pickups – Bridge

Nico Chona playing Custom Bucker


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  • Neck, bridge or 2 pickups set
  • Rough cast Alnico 3 magnet
  • Plain Enamel 42 AWG Elecktrisola Wire Fil Plain Enamel Made in USA
  • Long leg Nickel/Silver Baseplate Baseplate Made in USA
  • 1010 Steel Screws and slugs, nickel platted or Gold platted Vis et inserts Made in USA
  • Butyrate bobbins – Black, Cream or Vintage White Bobines Made in USA
  • DCR : neck ~8 kohms – Bridge ~8 kohms or ~8.5 kohms
  • E to E spacing 49.2mm (Gibson Vintage)
  • Unpotted
  • 2 screws and 2 springs per pickup
  • Cable length 35/38cm
  • Vintage braided 2 conductors cable
  • Cover: Raw Nickel/Silver, Nickel platted, Cosmo Black, Matt Black, Gold or Relic cover in option

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Music styles
Jazz, Blues, Funk, Soul, Pop, Rock, Classic Rock, Hard rock