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Demo set – Delta Roots – Alnico 3 – PAF Humbucker pickups set

Demo set – Delta Roots – Alnico 3 – PAF Humbucker pickups set


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The alnico 3 magnet used for this PAF Humbucker pickup set is reserved for custom shop models of major brands of guitar and electric guitar
pickups. This magnet will give your sound the most vintage character with clarity. This “Lightwound” version, because it is slightly less wound than a standard PAF pickup, brings more dynamics and treble to your sound while slightly reducing the output level. Associated with the Alnico 3 which strengthens the low mids and cops the high mids you will have a clear sound, rich in harmony with body and a raspy crunch.Certainly the output level is lower but you will have enough underthe foot to make your amp roar. This set is ideal for Archtop, Hollowbody and half body from all walks of life and will work great on a Les Paul type guitar (mahogany body with maple top)to give it back a little finesse. The 49.2mm screw spacing isthe vintage Gibson guitars one. This set will therefore fit perfectlyon any Epiphone, Gibson or other brand equipped with a Tune-o-matic bridge or T.O.M for close friends.

Pictures are those of the set for sale.

  • Demonstration set used in the video
  • Neck, bridge or 2 pickups set
  • Alnico 3 magnet
  • 42 AWG Plain Enamel wire
  • Butyrate plastic coil (vintage to smell)
  • Resistance: Neck ~7 kohms | Bridge ~7.2 kohms (+-10%)
  • Set NOT wax-potted (butyrate does not support it, other configuration on demand)
  • Pole spacing (from E to E) 49.2 mm (other configuration on demand)
  • Supplied with 2 mounting screws and 2 springs
  • 32cm wire length per pickups
  • Handmade with high quality parts
  • Zebra bobbins

Music styles
Jazz, Blues, Funk, Pop, Classic Rock, Rock, Hard rock