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Goldfingers – Handwound 1965 Stratocaster pickup – Alnico 5

Goldfingers – Handwound 1965 Stratocaster pickup – Alnico 5

Goldfingers – Handwound 1965 Stratocaster pickup – Alnico 5


This set of 3 Stratocaster Electric propels us into the heart of the 60’s and 70’s. From Hendrixian psychedelia to the Funk / Disco of the 70s you can approach all styles of this period and more. Roar your Fuzz and sing your Wah-Wah with these reproductions of 60’s Stratocaster pickups. Whether you are playing on a Blackface or a JTM45, you will get exactly the Stratocaster sound you are looking for. Blues lovers will not be outdone with a full, round and airy neck pickup and a sharp bridge pickup. The Alnico 5 magnets, combined with the vintage “Plain Enamel” wire used at the time, will give you all the roundness, finesse and openness you expect from a Vintage handwound pickup. The manual winding (handwound & scatterwound) brings to the sound an unequaled harmonic richness compared to industrial production. They are worthy of the best Fender Custom Shop pickups!

Similar to: Bareknuckle “Mother’s milk”, Fralin “Vintage Hot”, Lollar “Strat Blackface”, John Mayer Big Dipper set.

  • Made-to-order
  • Set of 3 single coil pickups for Stratocaster
  • Alnico 5 magnet – Vintage Staggered of Flat
  • Plain Enamel copper wire
  • Resistance : Neck 5.7kohms | Middle 5.9kohms | Bridge 6.7 kohms
  • Wax-potted to reduce microphony
  • Magnet spacing (E to E) 52mm
  • Vulcanized fiber coil like the originals
  • Supplied with 3 covers of the color of your choice (white, vintage, ivory, cream, black, mint green)
  • Supplied with 6 mounting screws and 6 silicone rubbers (better stability than springs)
  • 20cm wire length by pickup

Our clients talk about it

Mathis Avatar
I mounted the Goldfinger set on a Charvel, and nothing to say is perfect. It growls, it sings, it's brilliant, it's exactly the strat sound I was looking for Finishes, materials and service at the top, I recommend 100%!

Music styles
Blues, Classic rock, Funk, Hard rock, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Progressive rock