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HeartBreaker – Alnico 5 PAF Humbucker pickup

HeartBreaker – Alnico 5 PAF Humbucker pickup

HeartBreaker – Alnico 5 PAF Humbucker pickup


A PAF Alnico 5 Humbucker inspired by the sound of Led Zeppelin and its virtuoso guitarist: Jimmy Page. This very versatile set in a Rock register will allow you to go from British Blues to Metal of the 80s.

1. Configuration

2. Baseplate

Fits most guitars
For Gibson & Epiphone guitars, Les Paul, ES-335, SG...
For modern guitars, fastened directly into the wood

3. Finish

! Peut nécessiter un contour spécifique !


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This variant of our PAF is equipped with an Alnico 5 magnet. This magnet provides a more punchy sound than its Alnico 2, 3 and 4 counterparts. It is more powerful, hollows out the midrange and highlights the bass and treble. We have developed a winding that goes perfectly with this very famous and used magnet. The bridge pickup is very hot for a vintage PAF, which brings mids, thickness and softens the highs. These are never aggressive. The microphone is precise, powerful but easily tamed by softening the attack of the pick or lowering the volume. The neck pickup, capturing the bass of the instrument very well because of its position, has a lighter winding. The sound is more open even if it remains meaty. It is perfect for 70’s & 80’s Hard Rock and the premises of Heavy Metal.

  • Neck, bridge or 2 pickups set
  • Rough cast Alnico 5 magnet
  • Long leg Nickel/Silver Baseplate
  • 1010 Steel Screws and slugs, nickel platted or Gold platted Vis et inserts Made in USA
  • Butyrate bobbins – Black, Cream or Vintage White Bobines Made in USA
  • DCR : neck ~7.7 kOhms – Bridge ~8.7 kOhms
  • 2 mounting screws and 2 springs per pickup
  • Cable length 35/38cm
  • Vintage braided 2 conductors cable, 4 counductor + ground or Gibson Quick connect
  • Cover: Raw Nickel/Silver, Nickel platted, Cosmo Black, Matt Black, Gold or Relic cover in option

Music styles
Blues, Classic Rock, Rock, Hard rock, Metal