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Heritage Charlie – Humbucker sized Charlie Christian pickup

Heritage Charlie – Humbucker sized Charlie Christian pickup


Discover the pleasure and authenticity of the Charlie Christian pickup in Humbucker format. A warm microphone with a unique and organic character.


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This “Heritage Charlie” is inspired by the Charlie Christian reissues of the 70s, in humbucker format. It is more or less a P90 equipped with a single rail rather than a row of 6 screws. The advantages of rail no longer need to be demonstrated. This one bringing more inductance, therefore bass, low medium and power, it is possible to lighten the winding. And a smaller winding brings more dynamics and favors the treble. Here we have a microphone, which, despite a fairly low resistance compared to a classic P90, has the power of a vintage P90 but with more bass, more clean sound headroom and a good headroom. The attack is frank, very twangy if you go inside, very single coil.

The two raw Alnico chosen for this set, Alnico 3 for the neck and Alnico 4 for the bridge gives a purely vintage character to this set.
The neck pickup has deep, warm bass and singing treble. It will delight blues and Jazz lovers as well as Grunge or Indie guitarists, Fuzz lovers as well. The bridge pickup, more coiled and equipped with more powerful magnets, delivers a purely organic meaty sound. Very dynamic, it can nevertheless withstand high levels of saturation. It will take you to the lands of pure and hard Rock, to Stoner, Doom or even Punk. The adjective that certainly best characterizes this microphone set: organic!

Humbucker sized Charlie Christian

  • Set of 2 pickups or bridge or neck pickup
  • Rough cast Alnico 3 magnet for the neck and Alnico 4 for the bridge pickup
  • Nickel/Silver Baseplate
  • Chrome, gold or black blade
  • Open chrome, gold or black cosmo cover
  • Supplied with 2 mounting screws and 2 springs per pickup
  • 35 / 38cm wire length
  • Black ABS top – other finish on demand (wood, colored plastic…)

What our customers say

Christophe Avatar
The sound is excellent, that's exactly what I was looking for! Lots of grain and personality. They really slice and easily find their place in a group, both in saturated and clean. So I'm very happy with these pickups, thank you for everything Anthony!
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Music styles
Jazz, Indie, Stoner, Grunge, Blues, Classic Rock, Doom