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Pistol 90 – Alnico 4 & 5 P90 pickup

Pistol 90 – Alnico 4 & 5 P90 pickup


This Alnico 2 & 3 P90 pickup delivers lively and mellow clean sounds and vintage crunches. A perfect fit for your Epiphone Casino or Riviera, SG and Les Paul to get true vintage tones. Configurable according to your wishes.

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In 1946 born the P90, an iconic Gibson pickup. This pickup, descendant of the Charlie Christian designed before World War II, was mounted on Archtops of the Kalamazoo brand. Early versions of this dynamic yet edgy single coil pickup was perfect for playing Jazz with the Alnico 2 or 3 magnet they came with. An Alnico 3 for the neck will allow you to have crisp clean tones while remaining mellow. The bridge pickup, a little more wound and with an Alnico 2 magnet, has a little more power. The overall tone is very vintage. These microphones can be mounted on Epiphones Riviera, or Casino in their Dogear version. Soapbars will equip your Les Paul, SG or other model to give them a real vintage character. While the clean sound will be round and bright, an increase in gain will crunch your amp while maintaining remarkable dynamics. The old man has energy to spare!
  • Neck, bridge or 2 pickups set
  • Alnico 4 and 5 magnets
  • Dogear or Soapbar format
  • 42 AWG Plain Enamel The “Plain Enamel” is the coating of the copper wire used by Gibson from the 40’s to the 60’s. Became rare, because only used for the reproduction of vintage pickups, it is extremely expensive. or PolyesterAs for the “Polyester” coated wire, it is a standard wire used throughout the electronics industry (transformer, electric motor, etc.). The impact of the coating on the sound is marginal, or even nonexistent.
  • Vulcanized fiber board bobbin
  • wax-potted
  • Spacing of screws from E to E : 50mm
  • Supplied with 2 mounting screws per pickups
  • Supplied with 1 cover per pickup
  • 35/38cm wire length per pickups
  • Cable 2 vintage braided conductors or 2 shielded conductors + earth for ease of alternative connections
  • Available covers: Dogear in black or cream plastic, Soapbar in raw Nickel/Silver or black or cream plastic
  • For more finishing options (open cover, stainless steel grid …) contact us

Music styles
Blues, Rock, Classic Rock, Hard rock