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Pistol HSP90 – Alnico 4 & 5 Humbucker sized P90 pickup

Pistol HSP90 – Alnico 4 & 5 Humbucker sized P90 pickup
P90 format Humbucker capot noirP90 format Humbucker capot noir

Pistol HSP90 – Alnico 4 & 5 Humbucker sized P90 pickup


This Alnico 2 & 3 P90 pickup delivers lively and mellow clean sounds and vintage crunches. A perfect fit for your Epiphone Casino or Riviera, SG and Les Paul to get true vintage tones. Configurable according to your wishes.

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A Humbucker sized P90 pickup (or HSP90) made for rock in all its possible variations. From Blues-Rock to Hard-rock, including desert rock, psycho blues or stoner. The Alnico 5 bridge pickup is edgy with forward bass and treble and deeper mids. It is made for punchy rhythms and solos. The neck pickup is equipped with an Alnico 4 and an Alnico 5 magnet . Its output level is a little lower to gain in dynamics and opening. The Vintage character is a little more present, thanks to the alnico 4. The two coupled pickups offer a nice palette of tones for all lovers of authentic raw rock.

Rythm with Drive – Bridge -> both -> Neck
  • Neck, bridge or 2 pickups set
  • Alnico 4 and 5 magnets
  • Humbucker sized P90 format
  • 42 AWG Plain Enamel The “Plain Enamel” is the coating of the copper wire used by Gibson from the 40’s to the 60’s. Became rare, because only used for the reproduction of vintage pickups, it is extremely expensive. or PolyesterAs for the “Polyester” coated wire, it is a standard wire used throughout the electronics industry (transformer, electric motor, etc.). The impact of the coating on the sound is marginal, or even nonexistent.
  • Vulcanized fiber board bobbin
  • wax-potted
  • Spacing of screws from E to E : 50mm
  • Supplied with 2 mounting screw and two spings per pickup
  • Supplied with 1 cover per pickup
  • 35/38cm wire length per pickups
  • Vintage braided 2 conductors cable or 2 shielded conductors + earth for ease of alternative connections
  • Available covers: Raw Nickel/silver, Nickel or Matte Black
  • For more finishing options (open cover, stainless steel grid, wooden top …) contact us

  • Cyril - Pistol HSP90 Avatar
    Cyril - Pistol HSP90

    I was looking to upgrade the pickups on my cheap little Les Paul, but I don't know anything about it! All I knew was that I wanted P90s. I gave Anthony examples of guitarists whose sound I like and he knew right away what to do. He kept me informed of the progress of the assembly and in just a few days I had my microphones. (Parcel without plastic in addition, bravo) He also advised me for the wiring - I wanted an out of phase push/pull - and showed a lot of patience with all my questions! In the end, my little guitar is now a bomb! I, who was considering not keeping it, is now out of the question, it is ringing the fire! Very happy with my purchase, great contact, great microphones, great guy. I recommend thoroughly!

Music styles
Blues, Rock, Classic Rock, Hard rock


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