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True Vintage PAF 59 Humbucker – No cover – Unpotted – Choose your model
True VIntage PAF 59 Humbucker zebra
PAF Humbucker
True VIntage PAF 59 Humbucker zebra

True Vintage PAF 59 Humbucker – No cover – Unpotted – Choose your model


This new collection of PAF Humbucker pickups are replica pickups as they were made in the 50’s and 60’s. Parts are imported from the USA to ensure traceability, vintage accuracy and excellent build quality.


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Vintage tressé 2 conduteurs
4 conducteurs + masse
Gibson Quick connect * 1 (+15,00)

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This new collection of Vintage PAF Humbucker pickups are replica pickups as they were made in the 50’s and 60’s. Parts are imported from the USA to ensure traceability, vintage accuracy and excellent build quality.

High-end components

The steel used for the screws and inserts is type “1010”. It is the steel with the least carbon content and which conducts magnetism better. The heads of the screws are slightly lower than the modern ones.

The coils, modeled after coils from the 1950s, are made of butyrate. It is the same plastic that was used at the time. It has a matte finish with asperities and has a very particular smell recognizable above all. It has an organic look that has nothing to do with modern ABS coils.

The magnets, Alnico 2, 3, 4 or 5 used in these different models are raw, unpolished. They do not have the same power as polished magnets, retaining less charge than the latter.

The winding wire is Plain Enamel, the same thread used in the 50s and 60s. The formula has been slightly improved to make the enamel stronger. The ancient enamelling, consisting only of oil and resin of Abrasin or linen was brittle and resisted badly to temperature changes. The addition of a tiny dose of Polyurethane made it possible to strengthen the enamel, while retaining the original physical qualities.

Different PAF models

The PAFs of the 1950s and 1960s could be very different from each other. Indeed the production was not calibrated as it is today. So we could have two completely different guitars in terms of sound. The magnets for were to be different as well as the winding. That is why we offer different PAF Humbucker models, models we could find back then.

Real PAF 59 Humbuckers

  • Set of 2 pickups
  • Rough cast Alnico 2, 3, 4 or 5 magnet depending on the model you choose
  • Plain Enamel 42 AWG Elecktrisola Wire Fil Plain Enamel Made in USA
  • Long leg Nickel/Silver Baseplate Baseplate Made in USA
  • 1010 Steel Screws and slugs, nickel platted or Gold platted Vis et inserts Made in USA
  • Butyrate bobbins – Black, Cream or Vintage White Bobines Made in USA
  • E to E spacing 49.2mm (Gibson Vintage)
  • Unpotted
  • 2 screws and 2 springs per pickup
  • Cable length 35/38cm
  • Vintage braided 2 conductors cable

What our customers say

  • Luc Avatar
    Custom Bucker

    In the series "I am looking for MY sound ", I trusted Anthony Ceccarelli, Cecca Guitars, for the making of my (again) new guitar pickups. And there, finally, the slap! Balanced, responsive, with grain and precision unmatched in current production and perfect for my playing style.

  • Steve - Delta Roots Avatar
    Steve - Delta Roots

    “We have been spending some time with the new pickup you kindly provided.
    “It has been ‘burning in’ – pickups sound markedly better after they have been played a while as the wire and magnets pass current.
    “So far, we are really impressed. As you know, we have many Gibsons. Some have low-wind and normal Custombuckers.
    Your pickup seems more musical, expressive and tonally more pleasing.
    “You are pretty amazing as we receive many pickups and very few impress us, honestly.”

  • Bruno Avatar
    Custom Bucker

    guitarist for 40 years, I played Fralin, SD antiquity, hepcat pickups etc ... I was looking for alnicos 3 for my lespaul, after research and information on the various new products and 2nd hand Gibson (available only on historic models ) of the market, my choice fell on Cecca, purchase of a Custom bucker set - PAF Humbucker Alnico 3 pickups, 2X cheaper than the original set used condition, beautiful manufacturing, the sound I was looking for is there, great clarity, nice balance, superb responsiveness to the game, all the nuances are respected as well in clear as saturated sounds, I strongly recommend Cecca guitars, for the quality of its manufacture, its competitive prices, its short deadlines, its communication ......

  • Patrick - Delta Roots Avatar
    Patrick - Delta Roots

    listening, advice, quick realization. quality of work. and unbeatable price. and most importantly a magnificent sound, exactly what I wanted.If you want to give your instrument a second life. do not hesitate to use these services.

  • Yves, Custom Bucker, Skinner Burst option Avatar
    Yves, Custom Bucker, Skinner Burst option

    High quality and handcrafted pickups. A craftsman who listens and provides good advice. It’s really perfect, it’s Cecca that I would call on from now on for any pickup changes on my guitars. A big thank you.

  • Mid Land - Delta Roots Avatar
    Mid Land - Delta Roots

    Equipped with DELTA ROOTS, everything changes ... Plugged into the clean channel of a Hot Rod, we find sounds of a purity and transparency that we thought were reserved for the big boys. The outputof the pickups, deliberately lower, nevertheless allows to keep a little reserve in the volume knob without weakening the sound. Plugged into your favorite Overdrive, you discover a whole new range of sounds ... It's really TOP OF THE RANGE. I found exactly what I was looking for. The price is very fair and moreover, it is made in France by a craftsman: What could be better ...! RECOMMEND WITHOUT MODERATION ...