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For building guitar pickups
Spare parts for the manufacture of electric guitar pickups include a whole range of different products. There are coils, magnets, fixing plates or baseplates, screws of all kinds, inserts etc. We offer individual parts or packs. These packs allow you to entirely manufacture a microphone with “Vintage accurate” parts of USA import.
Magnets are essential parts of operating an electric guitar pickup. Without magnet no sound. But to make good electric guitar pickups, you also need good magnets. We therefore offer a range of Alnico magnets called “Rough cast” in other words “raw from the oven”, handpicked.
The bobbins
A very practical element for winding your microphones. Indeed, without coils, with a few exceptions, it is difficult to keep the coil in place, or even simply to wind it. We offer a range of vintage PAF type Humbucker coils in Butyrate. They are of the Vintage type because they conform in size to the coils used for the Gibson PAFs of the 1950s. They are also so because the plastic used, the butyrate, is also that used for the original PAFs. Like many parts we offer this one, high quality, is made in the United States.
Screws and slugs
The screws and slugs used in the construction of humbuckers are of a very specific size and format. The quality and types of steel that constitute them are precise and different according to the types of pickup, vintage or modern. There are many finishes, nickel, gold or relic. Here we offer you the best selection in Europe of screws and slugs for humbucker, imported from the United States.
There are many types of baseplate, both in terms of material of manufacture and shape or dimensions. We have chosen to offer only the top in terms of baseplate for vintage humbuckers. Our baseplates are made in the United States, exclusively in Nickel / Silver, the most “pure” material from a sound point of view. They are “Vintage accurate” in the sense that they perfectly match the dimensions of the baseplates used on the original PAFs. They have long legs, are drilled for a row of polepiece screws and the stud spacing from E to E is 49.2mm.

Quality and origin
We guarantee the quality of the parts we supply. These are mostly made in the USA and we guarantee the origin. We therefore mention “Import USA” when this is the case. The parts are checked and tested if necessary (magnetization of magnets for example) before sending.