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Magnets for electric guitar pickups
If the nature of a magnet (ceramic, Alnico, Neodymium) has a great importance on the sound of a microphone, the quality of the latter is also.
The magnets we offer are “Rough cast”, that is to say “Out of oven”. They are not polished after firing to arrive at the final dimension. The manufacturing method, the quality of the materials and the cooking are essential to obtain a magnet and then a high quality pickups.
The Alnico magnets that we offer are the ones we use for the manufacture of our pickups. We guarantee the grade of the Alnico magnets we offer. The magnetization values ​​are checked for each Alnico grade we offer.
Different grades for different sounds
Choose Alnico 2, 3 or 4 magnets for making vintage-sounding pickups. Magnets 5, 6, 8 and 9 are more suited to modern sounds.
You can read our full article on different grades of Alnico and their influence on the sound of electric guitar pickups.