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The major role of electronic components

When changing the pickups on an entry-level or mid-range guitar, it’s important to change the electronic as well. Indeed, the electronic components will act on the sound of your electric guitar, by modifying the volume and the tone. Opting for quality electronics ensures good signal transmission from the microphones. Good quality potentiometers will turn without generating noise or spitting. A good mic selector and a good headphone jack also won’t sputter.

Complete pre-wired kits

We offer electronic kits made in our workshop which are manufactured by professionals on demand. You have the choice between standard kits, with good quality potentiometers made in Japan and Switchcraft switches and jacks, the reference in the field. The premium kits are equipped with CTS potentiometers and selector and jack still Switchcraft but gold plated for perfect connection.

Components to assemble yourself

We also offer a whole range of electronic components to assemble the electronics of your electric guitar yourself. You will find Alpha and CTS potentiometers, Schaller and Switchcraft selectors, and Switchcraft jacks. Ready-to-assemble kits let you have it all in one purchase.

Compose your electronic

You can use our Custom electronic product to choose amongst a variety of electric guitar and wiring schema to find the perfect electronic for your guitar. Choose the components you need, the guitar and the wiring diagram and we can build it for you or send you the parts and you make the work at home.