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P90 microphones, a timeless standard

The P90 pickups were born in 1946 at the factories of Gibson’s Kalamazoo headquarters. These single coil pickups are inspired by the “Charlie Christian” pickup named after the Jazzman. It was sort of the first signature microphone! The P90 and CC have a similar design: a single coil and two bar magnets under the coil. The magnets magnetize screws of the P90 which pass through the center of the winding. The Charlie Christian was fitted with a steel rail instead of screws.

This pickup was used on Gibson’s Jazz Hollowbody guitars, devoid of a center block with the Dogear format. It was then mounted on the first Les Paul with the Soapbar format, screwed into the body, through the microphone with two screws.

Our models of P90, from very vintage to the most modern, are available in Dogear, Soapbar or HSP90. You will find them with classic finishes, black or cream hood, more rock with the Nickel / Raw silver hood or custom with the open cover and wooden tops. New products and special series will be added regularly, stay tuned!