Handwound & Handcrafted Guitar Pickups made in Normandy

For the passion of sound

We share a passion

An aesthetic research

Sound is the subject of constant research for any guitarist. Everyone is looking for their own, the ultimate sound… We are also looking for such and such a style, such a song. We try to change, to move forward, to go to the end of the exploration of the instrument. Sometimes we find it for a while, then the desire to venture into new sonic territories takes us back.

The pickup is the first electrical element in the chain of components that make the sound. The quality of its capture, its character, will largely depend on the final sound. The pickup, instrument within the instrument, is the basis of this pleasure with each note played.

Cecca Guitars was born from this passion for sound. The work on the pickup, a central element in the search for new sound territories, is obvious to us. It is an object of innovation, in terms of materials and design. The pickup, complex and subtle, allows us to satisfy our obsession with sound research, our perfectionism.
Our everyday happiness is this aesthetic research, that of the craftsman coupled with that of the artist. We want pickups that are like treasures, in their appearance and their capacity to produce constantly renewed pleasure.

The workshop thus lives with one goal: to help guitarists find the sound that will accompany them for as long as possible. Because the musician is idealistic, insatiable, often dissatisfied, but always happy to make a discovery, nourishing this passion which makes us vibrate, again and again, even after years of practice.

From design to assembly, we carry out all stages of the pickup manufacturing in our workshop. Our goal is to offer you exclusive creations and great classics.

We carry out all stages of the manufacture of the electric guitar pickups that we market: drawing on Adobe Illustrator, laser cutting, modeling and 3D printing. For tools that we are not equipped with, we use external resources from third places in our territories: powerful laser, 3D printer, large-format CNC milling machine when necessary, carpentry workshop machine. Nothing is subcontracted, we control the production chain from A to Z!

All the components of an electric guitar pickup affect the final sound, hence the importance we place on their nature and quality. Two identically designed pickups will sound extremely different if one has ebony coils and the other carbon fiber. Knowing the impact on the sound of the materials used is necessary to make good custom pickups!

We work with the traditional parts used in the manufacture of electric guitar pickups. We also work raw raw material, and can push customization and personalization to the extreme to offer products without equivalents on the market. What you find in our range of Custom Pickups, you are sure not to find elsewhere!



Guitar pickup manufacturing

We manufacture pickups of all types: Humbucker, P90, Filtertron, Telecaster etc. We work for all styles of music and guitar! If you do not find what you are looking for in the catalog, contact us and we will make the pickup of your dreams made to measure.


Guitar pickups repair

A pickup is never dead, that is our motto! If it no longer gives any sign of life, it is not necessarily good to throw away: after a complete exposure, your coil may be reborn. If it doesn’t, a rewind will revive it and ensure you can put your pup back on your guitar.


Guitar pickup rewind

For rewinding, we respect the specifics of each pickup: type of wire (Formvar, Plain Enamel, Poly), size of the wire (generally 42 to 45 AWG), number of turns to obtain the original resistance value of the pickup. Rewinding may be necessary as part of a repair, it can also be used to improve the sound: an average pickup can become excellent with rewinding.


Guitar pickup customization

It is possible to change or enhance the sonic character of a pickup by rewinding it, or by modifying the magnet. But a pickup, like other parts of the guitar, is also a look! We can change the look of a pup: add a nickel radiator cover, or an open cover with an exotic or local wood top.


Used Pickups

We offer second-hand, overhauled, repaired or customized pickups. They are always of guaranteed origin, and their operation guaranteed for 3 months. A good pickup once installed is a pickup that will work for years!


Guitar customization

We don’t just work on pickups, we also customize guitars from head to toe! We offer used guitars which we improve the look and on which we install pickups from our catalog. When necessary, we modify the saddle, tuners and bridge, to obtain a high quality instrument at a reasonable price.


Anthony Ceccarelli officially opens the Cecca Guitars workshop in 2019 after 30 years of instrumental practice and a career as a professional guitarist.
Discovery of the spring of Bourges 1995 with the band “Gazoline Kings”, graduated from the “Centre Musical et Créatif de Nancy” (now Music Academy International – MAI) in 1996, Anthony Ceccarelli’s career is rich in encounters and very varied musicles sty (funk, metal, experimental jazz, music of the world). After several years in other professional spheres, his first passion for the sound of the guitar takes over. The first pickups and instrument customizations were born, followed by the opening of the Cecca Guitars workshop.

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