Handwound & Handcrafted Guitar Pickups made in Normandy

Our customers electric guitars

Our customers electric guitars
21 June 2021 Cecca Guitars
FGN Masterfield avec des Custom Bucker Noir Cosmo

Here is a small overview of our achievements through the pictures of our customers’ electric guitars, pickup mounted of course. Lots of humbuckers, a bit of HSP90 and a few single coils here and there. This gallery will grow over the weeks. Come back regularly, discover our new achievements, new products and custom pickups will slip into this Hall of Fame!

Electric guitar pickups are beautiful objects but so useless if they are not mounted on a guitar, their purpose! Here is a panel of some photos of guitars that our customers sent us. This is just the beginning. Will you put yours there? 😉

There are Epiphone, Joe Pass, Les Paul, Sheraton, homemade Lapsteel, Ibanez, Gibson Les Paul, single cut and double cut, FGN, Des Haar guitars, G&L, Charvel …

Here you can find some Custom Bucker, Classic ou Skinner Burst, GoldfingersThe King, Delta Roots, Pistol HSP90