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Burst Origin – Jerry T. signature – PAF 59 Alnico 3 Humbucker
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Burst Origin – Jerry T. signature – PAF 59 Alnico 3 Humbucker


The “Burst Origin”TM is the Cecca Guitars creation that comes closest to the PAFs of the late 50s. Both powerful and round, precise and singing, this set of PAF 59 humbuckers will transform any guitar into a Goddess Blues/Rock and Classic Rock giving it a sound worthy of the greatest guitarists of the 60's and 70's.

1. Setup

2. Baseplate

Fits most guitars
For Gibson, Les Paul, ES-335, SG guitars
For modern guitars with wood mounting

3. Finishing

! May require a specific outline!


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Test of BURST ORIGIN TM by Jerry T. on a VOX AC30. Play with the volume of the guitar, from 3 to 10 on the 3 positions.

After several years of pickup winding, I wanted to make the most faithful possible version of the PAF humbucker as it was made in the 50s. The sound is powerful without being aggressive. It is very round and warm in clear sound. The crunch grabs the guts and as long as you turn up the gain, the typical grain of the Alnico 3, as harsh as you want, will come out wonderfully. Whether you are a fan of Fender Black Face, an AC 30 or Marshall grain you will get the typical sound of the PAF from the 50s. Are you looking for the sound of the origins? Look no further, you've found it: Burst Origin

A Jerry T signature microphone.

A microphone of this type is not a model like any other. It therefore seemed important to us to associate ourselves with an artist steeped in the sound of the 50s, a distinguished guitarist: Jerry T. singer and Lead guitarist of Jerry T. and the Black Alligators. Jerry and I have been working together since the very beginning of the Cecca Guitars adventure, so it was quite natural that this “signature” came together.

A word from Jerry T.

“The Burst Origin Signatures transcribe the feeling of the player as much as the quality of the violin making of the guitar. Rich in harmonics and warm, the microphones are excellent in distortion and provide unique sustain. The 59´s burst sound is here! »

  • Choice of neck pickup, bridge pickup or set of 2 pickups
  • Alnico 3 Raw Magnet
  • Vintage Plain Enamel Wire 42 AWG Plain Enamel Wire Made in USA
  • Screws and slugs Nickel and gold plated in 1010 steelScrews and slugs nickel and gold Enamel Made in USA
  • Spacing of screws and studs (from E to E) 49.2 mm (Gibson vintage)
  • Butyrate plastic reels like in the 50s butyrate coils Made in USA
  • Baseplate in Nickel/Silver Baseplate Made in USA
  • Resistance: Channel ~8.2 kohms | Bridge ~8.6/8.7 kohms
  • Set NOT waxed
  • Supplied with 2 mounting screws and 2 springs per pickup
  • Wire length of 35/38 cm per microphone
  • 4 conductor or 2 conductor vintage braided cable (metal braid)
  • Spool colors available: black, cream, white, zebra and reverse zebra
  • Cover Nickel/Raw silver, nickel plated, gold plated optional

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Burst Origin Profile
Music styles
Blues, Jazz, Classic Rock, Hard rock, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Progressive rock, Desert Rock

Further information

Weight 0.45kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 15cm

Set of 2 pickups, Bridge, Neck


Alnico 3

Microphone format



Vintage 2 conductors, 4 conductors


Single microphone, Microphone set


Black Coils, Cream Coils, Zebra Coils, Raw Nickel Silver Cap, Nickel Cap, Gold Plated Cap, Relic Nickel Cap, Relic Gold Cap

PAF screws and inserts

Nickel Plated, Gold Plated, Relic Nickel, Relic Gold