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Burst Origin – Jerry T. signature – PAF 59 Alnico 3 Humbucker

Burst Origin – Jerry T. signature – PAF 59 Alnico 3 Humbucker


The “Burst Origin”TM is the Cecca Guitars creation that comes closest to the PAFs of the late 50s. Both powerful and round, precise and singing, this set of PAF 59 humbuckers will transform any guitar into a Goddess Blues/Rock and Classic Rock giving it a sound worthy of the greatest guitarists of the 60’s and 70’s.

1. Configuration

2. Baseplate

Fits most guitars
For Gibson & Epiphone guitars, Les Paul, ES-335, SG...
For modern guitars, fastened directly into the wood

3. Finish

! Peut nécessiter un contour spécifique !


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BURST ORIGINTM test by Jerry T. on an AC15 VOX. He plays with the guitar volume from 3 to 10 on every pickup combinaison.

After several years of mic winding, I wanted to make the most faithful possible version of the PAF humbucker as it was made in the 50s. The sound is powerful without being aggressive. It is very round and warm in its clear. The crunch grabs your guts and as long as you turn up the gain, the typical grain of the alnico 3, hoarse as you wish, will come out wonderfully. Whether you are a fan of Fender Black Face, an AC 30 or Marshall grain you will get the typical sound of the PAF of the 50s. Are you looking for the sound of the origins? Look no further, you’ve found it: Burst Origin

A Jerry T. signature pickup

This kind of pickup is not a model like the others. It therefore seemed important to us to associate ourselves with an artist imbued with the sound of the 50s, an emeritus guitarist: Jerry T. lead singer and guitarist of Jerry T. and the Black Alligators. Jerry and I have been working together since the very beginning of the Cecca Guitars adventure, so it was only natural that this “signature” was put in place.

A few word of Jerry

“The Burst Origin Signatures transcribe the feeling of the player as much as the quality of the guitar’s lutherie. Rich in harmonics and warm, the pickups are excellent in distortion and allow a unique sustain. The 59’s burst sound is here! »

  • Neck, bridge or 2 pickups set
  • Rough cast Alnico 3 magnet
  • Plain Enamel 42 AWG Elecktrisola Wire
  • Long leg Nickel/Silver Baseplate Baseplate Made in USA
  • 1010 Steel Screws and slugs, nickel platted or Gold platted Vis et inserts Made in USA
  • Butyrate bobbins – Black or Cream Bobines Made in USA
  • DCR : neck ~8.2 kohms – Bridge ~8.7 kohms
  • E to E spacing 49.2mm (Gibson Vintage)
  • Unpotted
  • 2 screws and 2 springs per pickup
  • Cable length 35/38cm
  • Vintage braided 2 conductors cable
  • Cover: Raw Nickel/Silver, Nickel platted, Gold & Relic cover in option

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Blues, Jazz, Classic Rock, Hard rock, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Rock progressif, Desert Rock