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Hi-gain Carbon Fiber rail humbucker

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  • Christophe Avatar

    The sound is excellent, that's exactly what I was looking for! Lots of grain and personality. They really slice and easily find their place in a group, both in saturated and clean. So I'm very happy with these pickups, thank you for everything Anthony!

  • Baptiste Avatar
    Burst Origin

    It's a complete success!! Thank you very much for your work, the pickups are ideally at the top of what I was looking for in terms of sound: precise, lime, powerful, defined, round and shiny at the same time, it's only happiness!!

    After a few months of playing I was able to see some of their potential in both clear and saturated. I say "a part" because I re-discover them a little every day. Associated with my configuration of amps and effects they give the ideal colors to my sound and have redefined my game, I am really very satisfied with this investment, my guitar has taken on additional value in my eyes thanks to this high level upgrade. aerobatics!!
    The quality of your work and the pursuit of the best sound with the best elements really comes together in this setup, it's ideal for me and my band also loves my new sound, we have gained comfort and definition in our sound in general .

    In short, I am very happy and congratulate you and thank you again for your quality work.

  • Frank Avatar
    Custom Bucker

    Excellent pickup set…They sound better than i had imagined, totally happy with my purchase.

  • Kriss Avatar
    The Oldman P90

    Great contact, listening to the musician 👍 Great pickups (P90 Oldman) very precise, vintage grain, I highly recommend.

  • Luc Avatar
    Custom Bucker

    In the series "I am looking for MY sound ", I trusted Anthony Ceccarelli, Cecca Guitars, for the making of my (again) new guitar pickups. And there, finally, the slap! Balanced, responsive, with grain and precision unmatched in current production and perfect for my playing style.


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From Stratocaster pickups to Humbuckers, including P90, HSP90 and soon the Filtertron, Telecaster, Jazzmaster, Jaguar and 7 or 8 strings pickups, find our entire range of original pickups, developed and manufactured manually in France with quality components.

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Top of the line guitar pickups

Quality handcrafted with handpicked materials and parts. The pickups are hand wound using the “Scatterwound” technique which increases the resonance of the pickups. Each microphone is scrupulously tested before sending.

Lifetime warranty

Our pickups are guaranteed for life, which means that we will provide service throughout the life of the pickup, to the holder of the original Cecca Guitars invoice*.
*Subject to damage suffered or modification made by a third party.

30 jours pour échanger

You have 14 calendar days to be refund* and 30 days to make an exchange with a pickup or pickups set of equivalent price**.
*Products returned for a refund must be completely intact, unassembled and in their original packaging. ** Pickups tested and returned for exchange may have been fitted and tested but the wires must not have been cut. In case of cut thread a penalty will be levied.

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