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From the Stratocaster pickup to the Humbucker, via the P90, the HSP90 and soon the Filtertron, Telecaster, Jazzmaster, Jaguar and 7 or 8-string pickups, you'll find our entire range of original pickups, developed and handcrafted in France using quality components.

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Quality craftsmanship with carefully selected materials and parts. pickups are hand-wound using the "Scatterwound" technique, which increases the resonance of pickups. Each pickup is scrupulously tested before dispatch.

Lifetime warranty

Our microphones are guaranteed for life, which means that we will provide after-sales service throughout the life of the microphone, to the holder of the original invoice Cecca Guitars*.
*Subject to damage or modification by a third party.

30 days to exchange

You have 14 calendar days to obtain a refund* and 30 days to make an exchange with an pickup or pickup set at the same price**.
*Products returned for a refund must be completely intact, unassembled and in their original packaging. ** pickups tested and returned for exchange may have been assembled and tested, but the wires must not have been cut. In case of cut wires, a penalty will be applied.

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