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Anatomy of the electric guitar

  • July082023
    Filter Charlie Charlie Christioan Format Filtertron

    New microphone format: the Filtertron

    The Heritage Charlie is now available in FilterTron, an exclusive Cecca Guitars

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  • July092022
    Heritage Charlie Christian humbucker sized

    New Model: Heritage Charlie Christian

    This new model is inspired by the 1st pickup from electric guitar, the pickup Charlie Christian. Type P90, it...

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  • Feb112022
    Busrt Origin - Jerry T. signature - PAF 59 Alnico 3

    Launch of Burst Origin - Jerry T. signature

    Once again, it gives me great pleasure to announce the release of a new set from humbucker pickups :...

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  • Jan112022
    PAF Humbucker

    The pickups mythical guitars: Gibson's PAF humbucker

    If there is an iconic pickup guitar par excellence, perhaps the most iconic in the history of electric guitar, it's...

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  • Oct142021
    Set of 2 pickups rail Humbucker Hi Gain Blade Runner

    Launch of the 1st pickup metal Cecca: Blade Runner - DoomFred signature

    Making a new pickup guitar is always an exciting experience. You try, you experiment, sometimes starting from an idea...

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  • June212021
    FGN Masterfield with Custom Bucker Black Cosmo

    Our customers' guitars

    Here's a glimpse of what we've been up to, through photos of our customers' electric guitars, pickups .

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  • May092021
    Video Jerry T Manhattan's 59 PAF humbucker

    Manhattan's 59 demo video by Jerry T.

    When a real guitarist (which is no longer my case!), a professional in his field, gives you the gift of a video...

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  • Mar282021
    Telecaster Haar Guitars

    Meet Steve Marlowe from TonalityTools Studios

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  • Oct122020
    A well-lived pickup Warpig from Bareknuckle

    Modification of a pickup Warpig from Bareknuckle

    Today's mission is to remove a well-worn cover from a Bareknuckle Warpig humbucker and change the cable....

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  • Oct072020
    Various pickups from electric guitar, Humbucker, P90, single coil, P90 Humbucker format...

    How to choose a pickup from electric guitar

    Here's a question that every guitarist asks himself at one time or another in his musical life. "What pickup...

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  • Sep082020
    Different grades of AlNiCo magnets for electric guitar

    Which magnets for which pickups from electric guitar ?

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  • Jan082020
    How does the Stratocaster sound and why? Photo Stephen Niemeier

    The sound of the Stratocaster

    If there are mythical guitars, the Stratocaster is certainly the one that has been most copied and influenced...

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  • Dec122019
    Guitar neck undergoing radius machining in a lutherie workshop

    What is the radius of a electric guitar handle?

    "Radius" is the English word for radius. The "radius" corresponds to the radius...

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